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The Difference I Make

“Working with Brian was a one-of-a-kind experience. As a seasoned entrepreneur, and a successful one at that, having him in my corner as I was trying to navigate the uncharted waters of my startup’s exit was invaluable. His ability to, not only think outside of the box, but to help me approach various situations from multiple angles is simply, genius. His approach is methodical, authentic, and most importantly, leads to tangible results.


What Brian has taught me, and continues to teach me through leading by example has helped me in all phases of my life – financially, personally, emotionally, and mentally. His coaching doesn’t feel like coaching, nor does it ever feel like fluff (and I’ve worked with other coaches), it feels like a great and trusted friend carefully guiding me when I need to be guided, and pushing me when I need to be pushed.”


- Gaurav Valani
Head of Talent, Overstock.com

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"Brian has been an instrumental figure in my development as a man and an entrepreneur. He has a unique ability to help you open up while guiding you to discover your inner principles and values. He has been my go to person for most of the difficult conversations and personal challenges of the last 5 years. I've looked for his mentorship and coaching from the years of a post-college graduate to having built my first company. His coaching style is highly informed and grounded on having thoroughly researched and experienced most challenges that entrepreneurs and young men face day to day. He has always listened without judgement, no matter the topic of conversation, and his presence has ever helped me feel grounded and confident."

- Jacobo Lumbreras
CPO, Catalog

“Simply put, Brian has an innate ability to cut through all the bullshit/programming/stories and help one identify and achieve their goals. Working with him has made me more successful in business and has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on my personal life.

While I find the realizations that come out of interactions to be valuable, it’s really the follow up and actionable plans put toward addressing those realizations that make his approach so effective.

Brian also exists outside the typical “those that can’t do, teach” model that is common among so many people in that space. His diverse background and experience combined with the fact that he actually practices what he preaches makes him much more relatable and is ultimately the reason I’d recommend him.”


- Justin Anthony
Serial Entrepreneur & Investor

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“I kept thinking I could do it all on my own and I didn’t need a coach, but the truth of the matter is that I wasn’t holding myself accountable. When I got coaching from Brian, I have been able to see leaps and bounds in my business. Before working with Brian, I struggled with finding clarity in my message and locating my audience. After just 2 sessions working with him, it all became clear to me. Brian’s ability to show insight and create change in even the most experienced of individuals, such as myself, is a skill not many people possess. His business experience coupled with personal empathy and his ability to understand individual needs in order to help his clients gain that edge is rare and highly commendable.”


- Rahul Varshneya
Co-Founder, Arkenea

“His help gaining clarity around my business was essential in being accepted into Y Combinator.”

- Chris Meyer
Founder, Start Closing
Head of Developer Experience, Misty Robotics

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“S. Brian Smith changed my perspective on life. In fact, he just changed my life - full stop. I’m a better person because of the work we’ve done and I will continue to grow because of the way he has taught me to think. Anyone who’s lucky enough to have Brian as a coach - grab with three hands. He’s the best.”


- Nathalie De Clercq
Serial Entrepreneur

“Intentions can become a plague in our everyday lives. They say the path to hell is paved with good intentions. Working with a leader like Smith, I’ve learned to discover that it’s often the most uncomfortable intentions that need our deepest focus. Both his teaching and methodology is not only practical but he provides actionable steps that bear fruit.”


- Vince Wainwright
Founder, Scale Search Group

“After feeling stuck in my early years of entrepreneurship, I felt a change needed to be made but was entirely unaware of how and what that change should look like. After much reading and rumination, there was still a wave of indecision, this time in the form of analysis paralysis.

I met Brian through a mutual friend and something clicked every time we spoke. He not only guided me through tricky business situations but allowed me to grow without judgement or resorting to pushiness. However, one main skill stands out more than the others, he is an absolute strategic thinker. This has provided invaluable insight and most importantly (for me), this insight is founded in experience.

Some of the qualities I admire so much are how thoughtful, fair and disciplined he is as a person. I couldn't recommend Brian enough for anyone who wants to take their business to the next level or if you are simply feeling stuck.”


- Tina Kim
Founder, The Gray Pencil

“When it comes to self-help, men's groups, and spiritual practices - the list of resources available is endless. I've spent my life delving ever deeper into the questions of why we are here and how to live my best life. Brian has helped me find real meaning in the work I'm doing through his example of leadership, his clarity of purpose, and his spiritual insight. Brian is the embodiment of what it means to be a fully masculine man. He is a reflection of how to be a better man, friend, and member of society. If you are ever lucky enough to share an hour with this man, take full advantage of it. It will change your life.”


- Scott Hanson
Co-Founder & COO, Pop Bookings

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“S. Brian Smith is the best damn coach I have ever worked with. Brian has a no BS approach that is direct and strong, but not bullying or overwrought. He is a brilliant man, kind, but not soft. He's fantastic. I could not recommend working with another person more than Brian.”

“When we get off the phone, and well after, I feel a sense of action and accountability of accomplishment. His work with me has been some of the most effective I have ever had in my life.”

- Ryan Rogers
Serial Entrepreneur

“Investing in coaching with Brian has made a profound impact on the way I approach my personal and professional life. Less anxiety, deeper relationships and more results in my business.”

“You have a really unique position being that you’re young, yet you know what the f*ck you’re doing.”

- Jake Reisch
Founder, Eversound

“Who you are just being you is really valuable to people. That you do yoga even while camping. That you are willing to be on open water without digital distraction. That you move through life at a relaxed pace. 'Cut through the bullshit, make shit happen and live a great lifestyle.' That about sums you up!

Also, you’re one of the most challenging characters I’ve ever met. By challenging I mean that you challenge everything. Your capacity to see where challenge can be brought and your willingness to always bring it is profound, painful and valuable!”

- JP Morgan
Coach, Creator

“I am not Brian’s typical client but he was willing to work with me to help me achieve my goals. My time with him is always rewarding and I always leave with a newfound motivation. His straightforwardness is a trait that I most appreciate.

Not only did Brian provide me with intuitive advice and guidance, he was also able to extract new ideas from within myself. His ability to make his clients think for themselves and create solutions is a talent in itself. His coaching has not only aided me in growing my business but has ultimately branded the experience that I can provide to my clients. For anyone who is looking to exceed their goals in whichever field they may be in, I would not hesitate to recommend Brian.”

- Jonathan Gih
Loan Officer, LoanDepot

“I am a successful non-profit executive of an international NGO, juggling high levels of personal and work stress. I found myself struggling as our organization began to move into the next phase of growth. Working with Brian helped me find clarity — he listened, he asked questions and his advice stemmed organically from a trusted back-and-forth robust engagement. It was incredibly freeing to speak with him, honestly and without reservation and for him to guide me from a place of experience. He brought in his own executive background, as well as his hard-earned knowledge from his own personal journey of growth, and helped me reflect, reassess and focus in on what was important and what was not. He didn’t let me off the hook when we hit difficult moments, but he did work through those moments with kindness, patience and care. His approach moved beyond coaching on career and interpersonal issues, but on physical health and he had some very solid, very practical guidance that has helped me live a more wholesome life. It was genuinely an incredible experience to be coached by Brian, something rejuvenating and re-centering. More importantly, we finished our work together in a way that put me into overdrive — I was more excited for work, for my relationships and my future afterwards. That’s powerful and I am thankful for it.”

- Ajit George
Directer of Operations, Shanti Bhavan

“Brian has the empathy of your best friend, wisdom beyond his years and makes coaching fun. He is extremely well-read and is able to combine his business acumen with ancient philosophers to provide well-balanced and well-informed answers and questions. Brian doesn’t try to make decisions for you or give out answers to problems; rather, he helps provide perspective that helps you find the answer yourself – a rare skill in today’s world where most coaches claim to be “experts”. Self discovery is Brian’s greatest gift that he shares and he executes so naturally that it’s actually fun and informative – not uncomfortable and drawn out. Brian has helped me understand the root of many of my goals and provided insight into myself that has proven to be enlightening.

As someone who was extremely averse to the idea of needing a coach or opening up to a stranger, Brian made me feel at ease and I highly recommend working with Brian if you have the opportunity. It is time well spent.”

- Nick Haase
Serial Entrepreneur & Investor