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Let’s shoot arrows of truth
through the lies you tell yourself.

“These aren't therapy sessions.  We don't talk in circles around endless excuses for inaction masquerading as justifications and ‘root cause.’  When we get off the phone, and well after, I feel a sense of action and accountability of accomplishment.”

- Ryan Rogers, Serial Entrepreneur

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Ready to stop bullshitting yourself, get serious about making change, define success on your own terms, and align your work with your life’s purpose?

Let’s talk.

I work with leaders to define success on their own terms. Then we work together to achieve that success. We make sure that their actions are aligned with the purpose for which they were put on this earth. If you’re prepared to create something much bigger than yourself, I’d like to work with you.

What to expect:

This work isn’t for the faint of heart. We’ll dig deep and destroy the lies and misconceptions that have been holding you back for years. You’ll be introduced to new ideas that will challenge you to think differently - to think bigger. We’ll work together to implement these new ideas and change your mindset. You’ll be consistently challenged to take action that is solidly outside of your comfort zone. You’ll expand your comfort zone, challenge your fears, and learn to “dance in uncertainty.”

I work with clients who are prepared to make a commitment of at least of six months. Most coaching is done over the phone, but I also offer in-person coaching in the Los Angeles area, and intensives ranging from one to ten days. Coaching fees range from $8,000 to six figures, depending upon the length and format of the engagement.

If you’re serious about making an impact on your world, achieving higher levels of success than ever before, and accomplishing your goals, complete the form below. I’ll be in touch.

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