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About Brian

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About Brian

Before I began coaching, I developed a multimillion dollar business portfolio, including retail, professional service, and commercial real estate development companies. I’ve developed massive commercial real estate projects, raised millions in equity, worked with hundreds of small business clients, and consulted with billion-dollar investment firms.

As an entrepreneur, my mistakes have been just as formative as my successes. I’ve started numerous businesses that have failed. I’ve gone all-in on half-baked business concepts. I’ve been sued by crooked partners. I’ve lost an incredible amount of money. I’ve gone through the crap in life that can’t be faked. If you’re an entrepreneur, you can appreciate these experiences.

I began coaching eight years ago as I grew my businesses. A coach I had hired while I was building my businesses encouraged me to take coaching courses to advance my leadership skills. Initially, I employed coaching as a management approach with my staff. I was also a landlord at the time and, without intending to do so, I began operating as a business coach to many of my tenants to ensure that they were able to pay their rent. As my experience grew, I moved from coaching to advising startups and established businesses.

Over the last eight years as a coach, I have expanded my work from entrepreneurs & founders to high performers of all types. I’ve worked with executives, high-performing sales people, artists, and professional athletes. The way I approach success with my clients is applicable to all high-performers.